Mobile Trailer Stage Hire

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Mobile Trailer Stage Hire
Technical Specifications

The Stage platforms consist of three parts: the one is fixed directly to the frame and the two others-movable, folded. The whole unit is made of aluminium profiles covered by non-skid, waterproof, attested plate.

The roof of the trailer consists of three parts: the one part that is fixed and the two parts - movable, folded. The whole unit is made of aluminium profiles covered by certified PVC canopy. The roof is lifted with the use of hydraulic pump to the maximum height of 6.1 m.

Moreover, the stage is equipped with the stairs with the handrails allowing the entrance on the stage (2 pcs.) and protective side barriers securing the sides and back of the platform.

The stages is secured by 4 pillars of Quadrosystem The weight of 50 kg may be hanged on each of the pillars.#

With the stage measuring 7.5mtrs x 6mtrs and a height of 5.1mtrs it will full fill most bands DJs needs.

Dimensions after assembly

Transport dimensions

Acceptible loadings

Type of roof Standard
Dimensions as a stage 7,5 m x 6 m x 5,1 m
Dimensions as a trailer 8,9 m x 2,45 m x 3,6 m
Way of lifting the roof electric-hydraulic or manual-hydraulic
Net weight included all parts 2400 kg
Permitted total weight 2500 kg
Stage area 45 m2
Height of stage floor 1,0 - 1,3 m
Stage floor slip proof, weather proof
Roof capacity 300 kg - to the front and back part of the roof*
1000 kg - to the moddle part of the roof*
Floor capacity 500 kg/m2
Quadrosystem pillars load capacity 50 kg
Max. wind speed 70 km/h
Max. tickness of snow on the roof 8 cm
Canopy PCV certified material (flame resistant)
Scrim Type A203 (white or black)
Installation time 30 min (1-2 people)

* - Uniform vertical load

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